Monday, October 13, 2008

SAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 Oct Monday Rain

Today was a happy day de~~
me stay at home by alone so bored~~
than until nite i was prepare go my group ldr de bday party de~~~
tat was i so happy mood~~
but so late my dad scold me n sis than my sis scold me oso make me so angry n bad mood~~
than i loud say "LIKE TAT THAN DUN GO LARH"
than i go change back my home shirt angry n bad mood~~~
y my dad n my sis can go out tat long~~my dad can go out until early morning back~~
i was go out until 12 mid nite only jer~~
like tat oso scold me bad than how abt my sis orh???
every like tat how come he dun control her lerh~~
i was 1 week once nite back only marh~~or special day only~~
like tat oso scold me everyday~~~
isit fair or nt???y me wan stay in tiz house lerh???
i feel everything nt fair everytime is me giv scold other sis wont giv scold...
sometime i hate my family y like tat to me leh???

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bad happen day~

10 Oct Friday Sunny

Today me late go to sch cz me wif my fren go inanam yam cha so late go to sch~~
giv the pengawas punishment wan us zap lap sap~~haiz so toh orh~~~
today sport class me did go play football cz i didnt bring pant n shirt~~
i jz stay at class wait than my k moi gift me 1 teddy so cute hahaxx i like it^^~
afterward v got practice the conversation until finish sch~~
after sch my fren wan go kk find conversation shirt n pant so v accompany wif him lorh~~
aftertat v go damai play games until 4.00++ i cal them back they dun wan go back 1st wan late~
cz they said last yez lerh no more time can like tat~
my mom keep called me back n scold me~~
at least she scolded me so chan~~~
i so sry to her cz i let her like tat worry me~~
i dun wan back early is bcz i dun know felt i m alone~~
cz tiz feeling i dun wan back again cz i always alone 1 tat feel so sad n no 1 can talk wif u~~~
so i back late wif them gave my mom scolded
i so sry~~~~
so now i so hou hui~~~
haiz god bless u all see my blog ^^

Bad happen day~

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Normal hav abit happy day~~

09 Oct Thursday Rain

Today jz like a normal,but my islam fren back from kl!~
buy many sweats to us~~so nice^^
our teacher from yesterday angry until today didnt in class....
she make these patent jz wan whole class go apologize to her only~~
SO WAT OOO......haiz no choice lorh~~
b4 i said those 6 kind of childish ppl got 1 is leave them lerh~~
i dun know can believe or nt i afraid she closer wif my fren is wan track her de~~
wish she dun like tat treat my fren larh~~
me n my fren hear those ppl say wan pull my fren~~
v heard it than go block those dun pull my fren
so dangerous islam type de ppl~
Tiz war i will fight wif them.....
today is a day~~
god bless u all

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unlucky day~~

08 Oct Wednesday Sunny

Haiz~so bad mood today in class~
bcz the eng teacher LC me again let me no mood wan study le~~
but SHE support me called me dun giv up it~~
Suddenly SHE know me escape le~~
wahh...she so angry orh~~almost dun wan choi me le~~
i so worry n scare haiz~~i so scare i lost her~~
but at least she 4giv me lerh n say no more next time lerh~~~
than i m safe but tiz few day no sms wif her my hp so silent lerh~~
every time i back will see my hp got msg or nt de~
but is no msg 1 oso didnt hav~~
haiz like tiz dun know wan wait how long~~
ok...tiz is my day....
who m i??i'm no body^^
god bless u all see my blog de

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tired n Angry de 1 day~

07 Oct Tuesday rain

Today i was happy to go to sch~~
But in class those kind of childish ppl like tat treat my fren(mean betray)~
Those ppl childish dao go ppl de blog n write down wat she said they know wat is "PRIVACY"???
tat blog i oso know is talked abt her's fren how 2 treat n betray her~
they tot tat blog no 1 know they wan speak in class y dun write in news lerh??
like tat no nid talk 2 much larh blog is giv ppl see de marh if nt wan make tat website 4 wat lerh???
when those kind of childish ppl like tat i think SHE oso like tat giv ppl betray SHE is 1 best fren~
but my fren is giv 6 fren like tat betray me comfirm wont giv like tat how come i oso will help my fren de~~
i dun like those ppl 2 annoying n kacau make me angry only~~
lucky my fren today got me n my best fren support~
if me today escape i scare she giv said de hen chan~~
i wan tel them got me 1 day u wont bully my fren~~
Sry i know is rude abit but they make me very angry i cant endure...xD
Tiz is today de blog so make me angry no happy n sad~~

Monday, October 6, 2008

Escape day

06/Oct Monday rain

Long time did upload my blog~almost 1 week~~
today i do a big wrong thing~~
tat is me escape wif my fren cause by dun wan giv teacher cut the hair~~
i know tat is nt rite de~
n i dun know giv teacher cut my hair like dog style so i folo lorh~
tiz case cant giv my parent know n other uncle uncle who know my parent de~~
specially i cant let her know me escape if she know le very angry n wont 4giv me~~
she is my fren only larh is very very very good de fren~~
i wish she wont see tiz blog~~haiz~
if she reli saw it i jz can say sry to her lorh~~
i know she care me n how come i wont care her lerh~
now she cant sms wif me cz she wanna exam very important 1~
in here i wish her will pass n get "A" all the sub~~
yesterday i suddenlly say got abit weaird de thing~~
she ask me y say those thing but i did say y~
cz me dun wan let ppl know the thing inside my heart so deep de thing~~
so i wish she dun mind~
so today blog write in here oso ntg sad larh~~
jz so bad go escape~~haiz~~~
god bless u 4 those see tiz blog de fren