Friday, September 26, 2008

Holiday but near SPM ==

26 sep Friday sunny

Today like normal day~~
but today dun hav teacher let us cant sport!
n i heard teacher said today got spot check~
who's know jz form 1 until form 3~
haiz~ lucky my 2 hp put at my fren car so safety~
today i go yam cha wif my those brothers~
aftertat v go 1 Borneo~~
haha~~so funny they say next time 2 Borneo is them 3 open de~
hahax make me laugh only~
but today i feel happy larh~
no fan nao n other let me sad sad de thing~
n she called me when i backing from maggatal~
tat is she 1st time called me orh~
hahax~so when i reach kolombong gaint i reload than called her~
v talk many thing le n she let me know study de important~
n said me always curse ppl~
me nt curse larh jz said 2 faz no filtter the brain than say out only xD~~
plz dun mind ya~
so tiz is a day me like ntg to do xD
oh ya my fren MIYAKO at 1Borneo open shop jor got time go see see~~

Thursday, September 25, 2008

4get her de 2nd day~

24 sep sunny

Today Woaho~~~a nice day~
me in class happy bcz got best fren~~
they always let me nt disappointed~
i wif them always laugh no other~~
me n her jz a history ordy~
cz me dun wan focus in galz~
so let me scary yer~~xD
when i back home she has sms wif me~~
talk abt my sickness~
she nt force me say n me has nt secret on fren~
than i tell her~
in afternoon me wan go city mall buy shirt about the conversation my sis told me 6.30 out~
when she finish bath than is my turn who know my younger sis told me she wan bath early wan wash hair~~
aftertat she wash a long time my sis is standby ordy n me no yet bath~
my young sis still bathing~
than my sis keep scolded me n mom oso~
haiz~~sometime me in home both sis do wrong still scolded me de~~
boy at outside gangster back home giv 2 sis bully giv mom scolded~
1 word "REN"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Try 2 4get her de 1st day

24 sep sunny

Today is better than yesterday~~
mouth said ntg but how oso got abit hurt inside the heart~~
but today me still happy larh~~
cz my all fren come to sch let me no feel alone^^
but sometime will think back those thing~~
when i back to home by alone i will keep think we hav possible together???
my ans is impossible hahax xD
afterword i back 2 home me on my fs~~
dun know y i suddenly go in she's profile....
n saw her upload the new pic~~
i saw her smile let me think back our happy those day~~
until nite i go to tuition she sms me n tel me abt the college n uni thing~~
she asked me go where study like Singapore, Italy, Taiwan or China~~
than me xia dao cz me haven think will go so far n no ready yet than i skip her~~
at last she said me always talk lousy n childish n useless not serious thing make her angry~~
so she angry me is rite~~
me said those is bcz me hav sickness dun know can so far or nt~~
me dun tel many ppl i hav sickness cz i dun wan ppl worry me n take care me like a child~~
anywhere i reli wan say sry to her~~
me like tat to treat her~~
i wont tel all of u is wat sickness tiz is secret 4 those fren who see tiz blog plz dun ask me n keep it in secret~~plz

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3th day i write blog

23 sep sunny

Today....haiz tok soi de 1 day n so failed day~
me promize myself will picked up my mood go sch~
who know at sch me think back those case~
last time me gave hurt is very faz back 2 normal~
than dun know y tiz will let me hurt so long~~
n my fren still put me lonely in class~~
me felt all fren arh leave me alone lerh~~
and my result big drop in class my fren randy is result most bad oso can win me lerh~
tat time i oso dun know happy arh or sad~~
did i will b back older me???
until sejarah period teacher told our thing is after spm how we wan to do~~
he said dun so faz married cz will find a galz is better than better~
than i wake lerh when i dreaming in class~
i keep thinking y like tat lerh???than i rmb yesterday i asking god the question~~
how come me 18yez no gf n she isit my next hold life wife???
than god is comfirmable to tel me she (NOT)
n my fren at canteen told me something n she know wat happen on me n me did told her how come she know le???
aftertat me sundenlly wake up~~
me now is ok lerh i will bcome b4 tat always smiling de xiao jong~
jz now always get's unhappy de oso smile de xiao jong gone lerh~
but now i found back lerh~~
thx those care me de fren~~
b4 de xiao jong is back lerh^^

Monday, September 22, 2008

2nd days i write blog

22 sep sunny

Today....wah is a mood bad dao bao~~
tiz is my 1st time bad mood 4 a long time~
tat is bcz when i moodly my all best fren will make me happy n will 4get those unhappy~~
BUT all escape today leave me alone~~
haiz make my feeling more bad in the class~~
me cant concentrate in the class nt slp than is thinking thing~~
my perdanganggan paper 2 get 0% so syok~
tiz unhappy thing is who maked it de sry tat is a secret~~
sometime i got trying 2 cry but my tears was dry cant cry out (xD)~
but when i stay at the playground few time me think clearly le~~
now my felt better than b4~~
cz i wont thinking wat she thinking~~
anywhere today is a bad day wakakaka~~

Sunday, September 21, 2008

1st day write blog

21 sep 2008 rain

today is my hold life write blog in here...^^
and today is me know her 3 week ordy...
she always remind me wanna studies n do exe than i jz do it...
but i felt it she had many thing she doesn't wan to tel me...
i got a little bit sad....1 day I'll show her me wont giv up on her de