Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kuching CNY Trip

14/02 1st day of Chinese New Year
i was get ready to airport fly to Kuching My dad's home town was there...
i so happy to go there cause can get alot ang pau...xD
when i was arrived we lived at 2nd uncle house there looked like kampung so have kampung feel
he's there alot fighting chicken got king chicken there...if u go fight with it also will lose it...
there every morning also rain non-stop one...alot cousin go there cause they knew us came to kuching...
when midnight the chicken will open concert keep "kok kok kok kok"...
my mum 1st day cant sleep on me it normal cause i had came here at last year and i sleep at living room...

there was alot building but all no open yet cause Chinese New Year...
there shopping mall not bad it look like K.K one Borneo...called "The Spring"
there special is so big but shop less there one place have building for shop not like K.K all shop focus at one place easy go...
there got a small street called "India Street" there alot thing price so cheap even is shirt but the special at there is most shop boss is Indian xD

at Kuching this few days i go alot cousin's house and take alot ang pau too...xD
they house so far went there at least also have to take 1hour...
this few days i'm adding weight wanna keep fit also cant...
at there really wont die cause 3 to 4 hour then eat thing...
finish lunch at 12pm...4pm then dinner
or go cousin or friends house eat back home eat again...=.="
now i really become fatty guy...
finish this Chinese New Year have to keep fit!!!!!

this is my Kuching CNY trip

Saturday, February 13, 2010

14/02 Leave kk...

14/02 Chinese new year and Valentine's day...
i wanna leave kk soon...
hope u all happy...
take care all my fren...
i will miss u all...
i love u...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


愛不愛我(Da Mouth)

對我說 愛不愛我
需要你 才說愛我
I LOVE YOU(害羞害羞害羞)
不問淳淳而別 琛指妻人有天
雍晉拿無邊界 只要見你相戀
不管人在天邊 像著你常常相戀
去新的不依現 心有你已拒絕

黑躲白 白躲黑 我不會推決
淚躲哭 哭躲淚 無所謂
飛躲時 時躲飛 我不會洗淚

對我說 愛不愛我
需要你 才說愛我
要不就 換我來說喔~~
I LOVE YOU(害羞害羞害羞)
我對你說 我對你說
我太順遂 無法哭天
我太美麗 太晚插悛
沒有甚麼理所當然 所有只是信義使然
過了幾尊飯 過了幾條街
過了幾次面 過了幾條罪
拆了街 難我笑 是情圈

想你~你掩了我 想我~你掩了我
感受~不知不愁 你牽我手(嘿! 嘿!)
七頭~你掩了我 感空~你掩了我
感動~不知不愁 請牽我手(嘿! 嘿!)

對我說 愛不愛我
需要你 才說愛我
要不就 換我來說喔~~
I LOVE YOU(害羞害羞害羞)

i hope u will like tat say "ILU"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010